Privacy Policy

Who we are?

Petsroom guides and supports pet owners and lovers all around the world. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and useful information to the pet community via a variety of engaging articles and educational blogs that are specially tailored to the pet community’s diverse needs. We want to offer a supportive environment on our website,, where individuals may find direction, inspiration, and practical knowledge to better their relationships with their beloved pets.

Personal Data Collection and Reasons:

Petsroom understands the importance of preserving our users’ and visitors’ privacy, as well as the security of any personal information they supply. The following is a full description of our data collecting and utilization approach.

  • Comments: When users leave comments on our platform, we collect the information provided in the comments form, as well as the visitor’s IP address and browser user agent string. The collection of this data is critical in the prevention of spam and ensures that users enjoy a pleasant and secure experience when using the service.
  • Media: In order to safeguard user privacy, we highly advise users to avoid embedding location data (EXIF GPS) in photographs submitted to our website. We encourage visitors to use caution while posting images to our website. By taking this precautionary measure, we demonstrate our commitment to protecting user information and maintaining a safe and respectful online environment.
  • Contact Forms: Users who contact us using contact forms may rest assured that any information provided, including email addresses and other data, is used only for the purpose of troubleshooting and responding to inquiries in a timely and acceptable way.
  • Newsletters and emails: While we are not currently sending newsletters or emails to subscribers, we are committed to preserving openness and seeking user consent. If this policy changes in any way, users will be given the option to opt out of data collecting and unsubscribe from emails. We follow tight rules by using double opt-in methods to guarantee that individuals are only included to our mailing list once they have provided their absolute agreement.
  • Cookies: Users who like to leave comments on our platform may choose to save their name, email address, and website information in cookies. This provision is made accessible for the purpose of adding convenience. The availability of these cookies is assured for a year. In addition, we use cookies to conduct key website functions such as updating privacy settings, logging in, and filling out forms. Despite the fact that users may still change their browser settings to prevent or receive cookie-related notifications, it is important to remember that such actions may have an impact on the website’s speed and overall user experience. It is critical to note that these cookies do not include any information that might be used to identify the user.

Integrating content from a variety of websites:

Videos, images, and essays are some of the sorts of content that are often included in articles on Petsroom. These articles were sourced from various sources. This embedded information functions identically to the original website, which the visitor would have accessed directly. Users should exercise caution and understanding since other websites may collect user data, employ cookies, embed additional third-party monitoring, and track user interactions with the embedded content. This monitoring includes people who have accounts and are presently signed into websites outside of the organization.

To recap, Petsroom remains committed to transparency, honesty, and user privacy. Our unwavering commitment to addressing the needs of the global pet community is shown by our dedication to developing a safe and enriching online environment. Our goal is to give pet owners and enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills they need to develop satisfying and fulfilling relationships with their beloved canines. As we work to develop and expand our platform, we remain steadfast in our dedication to this goal.


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